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Human Performance and wellness are quickly becoming a focal point, especially amongst law enforcement agencies and military units due to the recognition of the need to address the overwhelmingly high rates of suicide, resignations, and burnout. Many agencies are implementing Critical Incident Response Teams, debriefing, and

peer-to-peer support programs in reaction to operational tempo, officer-involved shootings, line of duty deaths, combat fatigue, peer suicide, and other critical incidents.


These programs are reactive and help agencies deal with the weight of critical incidents after they occur; however, there is very little proactive and preemptive training offered to agencies that provide tools for first responders and military personnel prior to critical incidents occurring.


Tactical Presilience Training is the missing link to provide needed proactive, preemptive, and preventative training for our first responders and military because it equips the operator's mind with practical tools left of bang so when critical incidents are experienced the operator has the resources to deal with them. 

"As a Combat Veteran of Special Forces: Tactical Presilience is instrumental for successfully managing perspectives left of bang. Dr. Baquie’s dedication to maximizing human potential and performance has made it possible to empower our most valuable assets with tools to positively manage complex and volatile situations." 

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Sergeant First Class 
U.S. Army Special Forces

Tactical Presilience Training (TPT) works as a force multiplier that increases operational effectiveness. TPT teaches operators to pinpoint areas of stress and triggers unique to one's personal circumstances and trains operators to identify personality/temperament traits within themselves and others. By increasing levels of self-awareness through cognitive processes and physiological identifiers, operators can recalibrate their default baseline responses and reactions in stressful conditions. Our training will help:


  • Create a tactical advantage in stress-induced situations.

  • Improve precision and accuracy.

  • Enable better split decision making 

  • Deescalate potentially volatile circumstances.  

  • Increase control within confrontations.

  • Reduce operator disciplinary and legal actions within agencies.

  • Increases personal relationships skills.

  • Reduce operator burnout. 

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“This training was very valuable and proactive.  Most of our peer support call-outs are reactive after an event but this adds to the “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” methodology that we need dealing with a tactical environment.  We know what our military and law enforcement are going to face, we need to focus on preparing them for the fallout.  This is where we start..”

Agent Simon Keller
Veteran Support Program Field Coordinator

U.S. Border Patrol  

Critical incidents do not need to become traumatic events. An operator’s organic perceptions of an incident filter through their belief system (comprised of temperament/personality, past experiences/upbringing). How the operator assigns value and meaning to the critical incident determines if the critical incident becomes a traumatic event. Traumatic stress is developed during/after a critical incident by triggers of past trauma or core emotional wounds, which in turn, if processed negatively, converts a critical incident into a traumatic event. With time and without correct training the traumatic event and traumatic stress may be diagnosed as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


PTSD is 100% avoidable, 100% treatable, and with proper training, is 100% unnecessary.


Conventional methods of treatment are not effectively preventing and treating the current crisis among first responders, the military, and our veterans. Tactical Presilience Training provides the framework to interrupt the PTSD cycle before it takes root by developing operator awareness via an internal cognitive and physiological challenge and response process. 



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"Tactical Presilience Training provided a perfect glimpse of awareness that resonated with our personnel. Our teams are still discussing some of the topics and the professional way it was presented."

Michael B. Quarles
Deputy Commander

Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Taskforce
U.S. Marshals Service

We partner with the Non-Profit 22Zero, who provides life-saving unconventional PTSD treatments that are healing PTSD and traumatic stress in first responders, military, and veterans. 22Zero is on the front lines of the battle to save our heroes' lives by offering peer-to-peer training and individual treatment. Together, we created an unconventional warfare 3 day training program to combat traumatic stress that prevents and eliminates PTSD within our first responders, military, and veterans.

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“Enlightening information. Helped me begin the process of better understanding my husband as an operator, and myself as a military spouse. The presentation gave us some tools that we began to use immediately to facilitate more effective communication. Definitely recommend this training.”

- US Special Forces Operator Spouse

Originally from Australia, Dr. Phil Baquie is a licensed mental health professional with a unique set of skills. Phil is a highly experienced communicator who specializes in working with law enforcement and military personnel. He has trained Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, US Marshals, US Border Patrol, and other federal and state law enforcement agencies. Part of his passion to work with warriors comes from his own background in the military, law enforcement, and private security contracting professions. In addition to holding a master's degree in counseling and a doctor of psychology, he is a law enforcement firearms instructor, certified in high-risk global protective operations, and a trained hostage/crisis negotiator.


Phil is the founder and CEO of Alpha 6 Tactical Solutions, a private security contracting and training company, primarily operating overseas protecting US-based companies and training developing national law enforcement. In addition to Alpha 6, he is the owner and founder of Wellness Centers USA, a large private multi-location mental health practice. Phil spends the majority of his time consulting and training first responders and military personnel.


You served your nation and community, but who is serving you? You can't undo the things you've done or unsee the things you've seen, but there is meaning to be made of those seemingly irreconcilable experiences.


Low key, confidential, and private. We offer short 1 to 3 day all-inclusive intensives for select individuals and sometimes couples. Your one on one time with Phil is in a beautiful self contained safe place where you can go dark for a few days (in a good way) to untangle. No fluff. No B.S. You won't just sit in a room talking about your feelings all day, but it might involve a two poles and a pond, a fire pit, and conversations that keep it real about what matters in life. You'll get more out of this than months of traditional talk-therapy. For more information contact us. 

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